Catherine & Jean

Catherine & Jean


Philosophy : The combination of Italian craftsmanship to the Londoner creativity.
Product types : female accessories


Catherine & Jean is a London brand of luxury accessories created by Jane Smedley. For her collections, she is inspired by her two grandmothers: Catherine Howard and Jean Violet Grace Smedley. Yet very different, these two women shared the same love for fashion. Catherine she cultivated her love for luxury goods while studying fashion at Central Saint Martins, and since she is never tired! Using her sewing machine, she conveyed her love for sewing with her daughter. As a large luxury loving lady, she went to Paris during Fashion Week to order couture pieces. His deep love for attention to detail is felt in each of his creations. It has even been rewarded for his reasons roses and orchids representative! On the other hand, John, her loved lust. With a fascinating lifestyle, she had more than one opportunity to put his fur coat and sequined dresses! Her wardrobe was flooded with colors, patterns and full of vitality.

By creating this brand, Jane wanted to reconcile the two worlds of his grandmothers: love beautiful objects and appeal to glamorous femininity. It is also a way to honor the energy, commitment and creativity of women. Catherine & Jean handbags are the result of all these considerations. Their exceptional quality guarantee 100% made in Milan and printed fabrics in England represent elegance, femininity and differentiation. Everything we love about DDM!